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Our Litigation Practice

We have a long history of handling high-stakes business and government litigation matters in Oregon.   Our lawyers are recognized for their experience in advocating for our clients in the state and federal courtroom and before administrative agencies, as well as on appeal.

We have substantial litigation experience in a variety of areas:

Efficient Litigation Management

We have an experienced litigation team with significant experience in high value and “bet the company” litigation involving companies and individuals, as well as with litigation involving public bodies, governmental agencies, and governmental officials and employees.  We offer the experience and reputation built over decades of practice.

We Take Personal Responsibility for Meeting Your Needs

We make the staffing of our cases correspond to the client’s needs.  We often work collaboratively, but we avoid having more lawyers work on a case than necessary in order to achieve the best results for the client.

We have work done by associates and paralegals at lower rates where feasible, but when a case needs more experienced lawyers, we will match that need.  If you engage a more experienced lawyer to handle your case, that lawyer will take personal responsibility for it, rather than passing it off to less experienced attorneys.  We want to handle your case as effectively as we can, and to obtain the results you are looking for.

Managing Litigation (and the Underlying Problems)

Our clients look to us to find the best ways of addressing their concerns.  Sometimes litigation addresses only part of a problem.  We recognize that the courtroom is not always the best, or the only, place to accomplish what our clients need.  Often, the solution requires not only litigation, but also advice and counsel concerning other possible courses of action, strategies, settlement options, attention to public relations issues, and other important considerations.

Working with Other Professionals

To find the best and most comprehensive solution to our clients’ concerns, we often work with other professionals, including internal and external public relations professionals, accountants, financial advisors, government officials, and others.