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Our Appellate and Trial Consulting Practice 

Drawing on our broad experience in appellate practice and critical motions, we consult with trial and appellate lawyers to help them be more effective in their advocacy.

As trial counsel, your primary role is to focus on achieving victory for your client at trial.  We can assist you with that effort, while also helping you position your case for a successful appeal.  We help trial lawyers develop arguments, and write and present motions such as motions in limine, motions for directed verdict, and post-trial motions. We assist with jury instructions, and help preserve error for appeal.  While we can be most effective when we are brought in as part of the team early in the process, we are often hired after a trial has commenced and it becomes evident that the case might go up on appeal.

We also work with counsel after a case is on appeal.  We can assist you in deciding which arguments to make on appeal, in writing or editing your appellate briefs, and in preparing you for oral argument.   As experienced appellate lawyers, we organize and conduct moot courts to help advocates do their best at oral argument.