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Our Unlawful Trade Practices / Consumer Protection Litigation Practice

Unfair business practices can injure businesses that play by the rules and can stifle healthy competition.  At the same time, state and federal agencies’ efforts to police the marketplace can sometimes become overzealous and oppressive — hurting the healthy and ethical competition those agencies seek to protect.

Laws such as Oregon’s Unlawful Trade Practices Act arm the Attorney General and private citizens alike with powerful tools to protect Oregon consumers.  But when those tools are abused, they can destroy ethical businesses and disrupt healthy competition.  The Attorney General can bury a business in debilitating investigations based on a single customer complaint. Private lawyers can turn a minor transgression into multi-million dollar class action liability.  The attorneys of Harrang Long know both the law and the regulators.  Equally important, those who enforce the law know Harrang Long’s reputation for thorough, diligent, and honest representation in UTPA matters, both in private claims and in enforcement actions brought by the Attorney General.  We have successfully defended companies, large and small, and helped protect those companies’ continued operations and the consumers they serve.