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Careers at Harrang Long

Our lawyers come from many different places, and with many different perspectives.

Some of us have come from the top levels of state government with a drive to practice law at the intersection of law and public policy. Some of us were big-firm lawyers looking for a place where we could keep doing sophisticated legal work, but in a setting that better matched our personalities and the needs of our clients. Some of us were scrappy solos at the tops of our fields looking for equally scrappy colleagues to take our practices to the next level. And some of us started our careers here and couldn’t imagine practicing law anywhere else.

Still, all of us have a few things in common.

Our Dedication to Serving Clients and Pursuing Excellence in Our Practices

We love serving clients facing the most challenging legal issues of the day. We support each other in our pursuit of excellence and professionalism in our practices. We believe that creative collaboration with our clients and with our colleagues generates the most effective solutions and the best outcomes.

We insist that our firm be a welcoming, equitable workplace where anyone with smarts, drive, and an unwavering commitment to our clients’ success can flourish. We do not look for a singular background or viewpoint. In fact, we believe that the diverse backgrounds of our attorneys are a key strength of our firm, enabling us to bring a range of perspectives, ideas, and creative solutions that benefit clients.

At our core is the commitment to practicing law in a firm that is small by the standards of today’s legal market, but where no case is too big or too small for us to handle. We have served clients in matters that have, for example, established federal law on the constitutionality of punitive damages, reformed Oregon’s public employee retirement system, and cleared the way for economic development projects generating thousands of local jobs. At our firm, less bureaucracy and less overhead allow us to serve our clients more cost-effectively than most larger firms.

We invite inquiries from lawyers interested in being part of the future of Harrang Long. We are especially interested in hearing from lawyers with complementary practices, at least partial books of portable business, and shared interests in growing a law firm based on the values expressed above. Practice areas of particular interest to us include advice or litigation in trade regulation, regulated industries and professions, government and political law, land use and development, energy and natural resources, labor and employment, health care, and education.

The next generation of Harrang Long lawyers will inherit a firm with a 60+ year reputation for excellence and professionalism. Because we are a relatively small firm, that inheritance includes the opportunity to shape its direction. Lawyers who want to explore that opportunity should contact us at

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