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Our Legal Professionals Practice

Lawyers and judges are subject to a broad range of ethical and other practice standards.  With decades of experience as “lawyers for lawyers,” we have the practical wisdom, tenacity, and familiarity with practice standards required to represent legal professionals in matters ranging from initial licensure to disciplinary matters and malpractice claims.

We represent legal professionals and provide counsel in matters including:

  • Confidential counsel for lawyers and judges on ethics questions
  • Representation before the Oregon State Bar or the Judicial Fitness Commission in disciplinary proceedings
  • Expert witness testimony in disciplinary proceedings, fee disputes, and malpractice actions
  • Defense of malpractice claims

We know what is at stake.

As lawyers ourselves, we understand the professional, reputational, and financial impacts that may be associated with a disciplinary matter or a malpractice claim. In these critical moments, we work with clients to develop a comprehensive strategy to address the issues raised.  Our goal for clients is to implement a strategy of representing their interests immediately and persistently, to assure them that everything possible is being done so that they can continue their practice.

Legal Ethics

We have counseled and supported clients addressing liability and ethics issues for more than two decades. We are members of the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers, and our firm includes attorneys who serve or have served on the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility.  Our attorneys have also taught, written, and lectured extensively on professional conduct and ethics matters.

If you are facing disciplinary action by the Oregon State Bar or the Judicial Fitness Commission, you will want to rely on more than your own legal expertise. With decades of experience in ethics-related matters, including roles in private and in government practices, we can work with you to establish a solid defense to the matters that you may be facing.

Professional Malpractice Defense

We defend professionals accused of malpractice, with an emphasis on the defense of attorneys and judges. Our attorneys dive deep into our clients’ practices to understand both the facts of the case and the professional standards that will be applied. Drawing on decades of experience, we understand the professional, reputational, and financial stakes at play when a professional is accused of negligence. It is our honor to be a firm other lawyers turn to at the most trying times of their professional careers.