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Our Political Law Practice

We are well-known for our practice at the intersection of law and public policy, with decades of experience representing private and public clients in the political and policy-making arenas.  Our lawyers have worked inside and outside government on some of the most consequential public policy matters in modern Oregon history.  That experience pairs strategic savvy with technical know-how to navigate the legal, political, and governmental landscape in pursuit of our clients’ goals.

Our Political Law practice includes the representation of individuals, businesses, governmental entities and organizations, industry and trade groups, public officials, political parties, and campaign committees.

Government Relations and Strategies

When businesses, trade groups, and other organizations are faced with regulatory and legal hurdles in the way of accomplishing their objectives, they look to our firm for assistance in navigating around these barriers in order to accomplish their objectives.

Lobbying Regulation

Our lawyers help lobbyists comply with the statutes and administrative rules that regulate lobbying in Oregon, and defend them when regulators investigate their conduct.  As the author of the Oregon chapter in a leading treatise on lobbying, political action committees and campaign finance, we literally wrote the book on the regulation of lobbying in Oregon.

Election Law and Campaign Finance Regulation

As political campaigns become increasingly expensive and sophisticated, participants require seasoned legal advice on the complex rules that govern our electoral system.  We advise candidates, contributors and other political actors on their rights and obligations.  When disputes arise, we advocate for our clients’ interests before election officials or ethics regulators and, when necessary, in court.

Initiative and Referendum

Harrang Long represents public and private clients involved in Oregon’s tools of direct democracy, the initiative and referendum.  We have developed a deep understanding of the constitutional, statutory and regulatory rules that govern initiatives and referenda at the state and local level, frequently representing clients in litigation involving the validity of measures and challenges to ballot titles.

Government Ethics

Governmental entities, public employees, elected officials, lobbyists and private citizens all operate under a complex web of statutes and rules for ethical practices.  We have decades of experience advising clients on their duties working for – and with – the government, including economic interest disclosures, conflicts of interest, and gift regulations.  We defend clients who have come under scrutiny by ethics regulators, and we work with clients to design and implement programs and procedures to restore public confidence in governmental entities and private parties accused of unethical behavior.