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Our Constitutional Law Practice

Harrang Long’s litigation, appellate, and government law attorneys have an uncommon wealth of experience and expertise in addressing issues of federal and state constitutional law.  Our attorneys have played major roles in shaping constitutional law with respect to punitive damages, eminent domain, separation of powers, damages limitations, right to jury trial, the free exercise and establishment of religion, and free speech. We also have developed significant expertise in local government home rule and election law, including the constitutional powers of initiative and referendum.

We have successfully litigated state and federal constitutional issues in all state and federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court.  We are often called upon to give our opinion on the correct interpretation of the Oregon and United States Constitutions to local governments and the Oregon legislature, as well as to private businesses and individuals.  We are frequently engaged by trade and business associations and government bodies to submit amicus curiae briefs in state and federal appellate courts.  Those briefs have helped to shape constitutional law in Oregon.

A deep understanding of both state and federal constitutional law is particularly important in Oregon, where our own state constitution imposes different limits and grants different rights than the United States Constitution does.  Understanding the contours and distinctions of Oregon state constitutional law is often vital, particularly where matters of local government are concerned.  In contexts including elections law, public lands, education, and challenges to the actions of city and county officials, our attorneys draw on decades of experience helping clients navigate constitutional concerns to reach successful outcomes.

Our constitutional law practice has been instrumental for both private and public clients alike.  We have successfully vindicated the constitutional rights of individuals and their business enterprises in a wide variety of litigation contexts including anti-SLAPP suits, tort claims, and consumer protection actions.  At the same time, Harrang Long is recognized throughout the state for representing government bodies, public corporations, and government officials in maintaining compliance with constitutional obligations and defending against constitutional liability.