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Our Regulated Industries and Professions Representation

We have long represented companies in highly regulated industries, as well as individual professionals involved in regulatory matters including licensure, credentialing, and disciplinary hearings.  We bring to each client representation deep experience concerning the intersection of law and regulated industries and professions. We have a long history of navigating complex regulatory schemes to achieve our clients’ objectives.

Regulated Industries

The regulatory structure for healthcare, insurance, pharmaceutical, and similar industries has become increasing complex, especially with respect to the overlapping regulatory legal compliance framework and technology advancement.  The storage, use, protection, and documentation of information is becoming increasingly challenging, as is documenting and ensuring compliance. Our Regulated Industries practice is focused on advising clients in heavily-regulated industries on a variety of matters that affect their operations.

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Regulated Professions

Healthcare professionals, attorneys, judges, architects, accountants, and many other professions are subject to strict regulation.  We advise professionals on the regulations governing their profession and represent them when licensure, disciplinary, and other professional privileges are at stake.

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Trade Practices & Government Investigations

Laws such as Oregon’s Unlawful Trade Practices Act arm the Attorney General and private citizens alike with powerful tools to protect Oregon consumers.  But when those tools are abused, they can destroy ethical businesses and disrupt healthy competition. We have successfully defended companies, large and small, and helped protect their continued operations and the consumers they serve.

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