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Our Civil Litigation Defense Practice

Harrang Long attorneys bring decades of experience to the defense of claims made against insured persons and businesses. We emphasize early and thorough case evaluation, proactive and efficient case management, careful analysis of settlement opportunities, and timely communication with adjusters and clients. Our lawyers work creatively to resolve claims favorably and cost-effectively. When an acceptable settlement cannot be reached, we confidently defend our clients before judges, juries, or arbitrators.

Our attorneys have successfully handled numerous matters in the following areas:

Professional Malpractice Defense

We defend professionals accused of malpractice, with an emphasis on the defense of health care providers and attorneys. Our attorneys dive deep into our clients’ practices to understand both the facts of the case and the professional standards that will be applied. Drawing on decades of experience, we understand the professional, reputational, and financial stakes at play when a professional is accused of negligence. It is our honor to be a firm other professionals turn to at the most trying times of their professional careers.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Defense

We draw on a deep understanding of the law, diligent investigations of the facts, and productive relationships with experts to craft defenses for our clients in injury cases. Our experience includes myriad types of injuries and accident, up to and including catastrophic injuries or death. We are particularly skilled in cases involving trucking, health care, and industrial accidents.

Premises Liability Defense

From routine slip-and-falls to cases involving complex factual and legal questions, our attorneys bring deep experience to the defense of property owners. That experience allows us to investigate a claim in a cost-effective manner and then pursue the most favorable possible outcome under the applicable law.

Product Liability and Trade Practices Defense

In addition to routine claims arising out of alleged product defects, product manufacturers and distributers increasingly are targeted by aggressive efforts to extract large financial settlements for minor or non-existent product defects. We diligently investigate claims and then pursue defenses consistent with the business interests of our clients, whether that is a prompt settlement, a bet-the-company trial, or something in between.