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Our Government Relations and Strategies Practice – Developing Strategies for Navigating Governmental and Regulatory Hurdles

We are problem solvers.

When businesses, trade groups, and other organizations are faced with regulatory and legal hurdles in the way of accomplishing their objectives, they look to our firm for assistance in navigating around these barriers in order to accomplish their objectives.

In some cases, these hurdles may consist of key regulatory approvals that may face strong opposition. In other situations, clients may need assistance in convincing legislatures to change existing rules and legislation, or to enact new legislation, that will result in them being able to pursue their interests.

We assist clients with advancing their interests through providing counsel and representation with respect to complex regulatory approval and legislative matters.  Our government relations and strategies team includes attorneys having formerly worked for state agencies in significant capacities, as well as those who have years of deep industry experience in matters such as healthcare and insurance.

Every client situation will be different.  With decades of government relations practice, we are experienced at quickly identifying strategies and desired solutions.

Seeking Regulatory Approvals

In some situations, the existing regulatory framework sets forth the government approvals needed by a client to advance their objectives, such as those required for construction projects.  In other cases, the existing regulatory framework will prohibit certain activities unless an exemption, exception, variance, or similar approval is granted.

In both of these situations, we help clients make their case.  We are adept at helping clients position their case for the best chance of success, and with working with administrative agencies to demonstrate how our client’s interests align with those of the public.

Working with Legislatures to Change Laws and Regulations

In other cases, advancing a client’s objectives may be dependent upon seeking changes to existing laws, or the creation of new laws. Changing laws and regulations will sometimes be not only in a single company’s best interests, but also necessary in order for those in a particular industry to compete effectively.

In these situations, our legislative efforts are focused on strategy development, identifying relevant stakeholders and addressing their concerns, and working with legislatures (and their in-house teams) to draft position papers and other documents concerning the legislative changes required. Position papers, and our efforts, are designed to demonstrate not only how regulatory changes will positively impact our clients, but also how employees, consumers, other stakeholders, and the public will benefit.

We know that ultimately the best chance for effecting change is to create a winning message conveyed by an experienced team who can best communicate that message.