Business and Commercial Litigation
A winning team in the courtroom

When your livelihood, fortune, or good name hang on the outcome of a trial, there’s a lot at stake. That is why you need more than just a lawyer. You need someone who truly understands the inner workings of your business. Whether you are a closely-held company or a global corporation; whether you are seeking to resolve an internal dispute or facing an issue from a competitor, vendor, or regulator; we have the experience and the knowledge you need to develop a sound legal strategy and to pursue your best resolution.

Our lawyers are more than just accomplished litigators with extensive experience in state and federal courts and in contested administrative hearings. They’re also part of our deep bench of legal experts on a wide spectrum of issues, such as corporate law, business finance, accounting, and valuation. They listen to your needs with an educated ear and an understanding of the challenges that businesses like yours face. Let our lawyers be your advocates when you have litigation needs, including: