Regulatory (Administrative) Law, Compliance, and Proceedings
Your administrative law advocates

It’s no coincidence that our administrative law attorneys have earned recognition from their peers as among the The Best Lawyers in America©. Over the past fifty years we’ve worked with and for government at all levels. So, we have a unique understanding of the many state and federal agencies – and the processes and procedures under which they operate – that impact your commercial, professional, and personal activities.

We start by working collaboratively with you and with your business or association to advise and counsel you about your needs and your options; to secure workable administrative agency interpretations of rules and regulations; and to avoid agency litigation. We also work with you and with administrative rule-makers to effect policy, rule, and statutory changes where that is the best course.

When litigation is warranted or cannot be avoided, we aggressively represent and advocate for you before administrative boards and judges and in the courts that judicially review administrative agency orders and decisions.

That’s why we’re your choice to help with:

  • Defense of unemployment or discrimination claims, unfair labor practice complaints, and other labor and employment claims against employers
  • Defense of professional responsibility and disciplinary proceedings for licensed professionals
  • Advocacy and representation before other administrative agencies and administrative law judges
  • Prosecution of judicial appeals from administrative agency decisions
  • Assessments, audits, and counsel on compliance by private companies with administrative regulations and rules
  • Government approval of products, permits and licenses
  • Dispute resolution between governmental offices
  • Administrative rules creation and amendment
  • Negotiation of contracts and agreements with agencies and government departments
  • Negotiation of contracts and charter agreements between school districts and charter schools