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Harrang Long’s Response to COVID-19

Like many of our clients, Harrang Long has had to take action in response to COVID-19. Earlier this week, to protect the health of our employees and to contribute to our community’s effort to slow the spread of the virus, our attorneys and staff began working from home. We were ready for this. All of our professionals have remote access to the resources they need to serve our clients. We are not holding in-person meetings unless necessary, but you can reach us in all the other ways you could before. We can file and serve court papers from our home offices. In short, we remain hard at work on our clients’ matters and stand ready to help on new ones.

For the last few weeks, we have worked with many of our clients to address the numerous ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting their operations. We have developed considerable know-how in the process. If you need advice – particularly on matters relating to your employees – please call Sharon Rudnick or Randy Geller at (541) 485-0220.

We wish you good health in the weeks ahead.

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