Pete Shepherd to join HLGR

On July 1, 2009 Pete Shepherd will join Harrang Long Gary Rudnick P.C. in its Salem office. Shepherd litigated cases throughout Oregon as a Deputy District Attorney and later as an Assistant Attorney General under Attorney General Frohnmayer. By appointment of Attorney General Kulongoski, Shepherd lead DOJ’s consumer protection unit, enforcing consumer protection, antitrust, and other business practice standards. Attorney General Myers appointed Shepherd Deputy Attorney General. As Deputy, he helped supervise 283 attorneys practicing administrative, civil, and criminal law. He advised statewide elected officials, state agencies, and District Attorneys. Shepherd helped draft legislation designating the North Fork of the Willamette a wild and scenic river (1983), establishing Oregon’s first comprehensive civil forfeiture authority (1989), improving elder abuse protections (1995), regulating manufactured home transactions (2001), requiring local governments to plan for police-involved deadly force incidents (2005), and supporting the victims of crime (2007). He earned at least one DOJ Outstanding Service Award from each of four Attorneys General. Shepherd is a member of the House of Delegates and serves as a volunteer in Salem’s Teen Court program.

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