Products Liability Defense Litigation
Protecting you when your product is on trial

A products liability lawsuit is definitely “bet the company” litigation. In these complex and often high risk and high profile cases, it is important to ensure that your defense counsel has the skill and expertise critical to success in the trial courts and on appeal. HLGR’s skilled handling of products liability cases has contributed greatly to our reputation as a go-to firm for litigation in the Northwest. Our lawyers have a proven track record in helping manufacturers and distributors navigate Oregon’s unique and complex statutory scheme, constitutional imperatives, and common law history.

Whether the case involves allegations of inadequate warnings, design or manufacturing defects, or inherently dangerous products, our lawyers have represented companies of all types and sizes from local wholesale distributors and retailers to international publicly-traded corporations. From electrical components to asbestos to drugs and medical devices, to the automotive industry, our lawyers have extensive experience in both state and federal courts, in trials and on appeals, working both directly for manufacturers and distributors and as local counsel in conjunction with national coordinating counsel. Our national clients especially appreciate our knowledge and understanding of Oregon’s unique civil procedure, often described as the last vestige of the “Wild West,” while our local and regional clients appreciate our roots in the community and breadth of experience with Northwest judges and juries.

As any company who has had to defend one of its products in court can attest, products liability cases rely heavily not only on finding the right attorneys but in finding the right expert witnesses to help judges and juries properly understand and evaluate the allegations and the evidence. Manufacturers and distributors who hire HLGR get not only experienced and skilled attorneys and staff, but also a wealth of experience and knowledge of local and national experts in manufacture and design, fire and accident origin, industrial hygiene, vocational rehabilitation, finance and economics, medical diagnosis and treatment, and a variety of other fields. At HLGR, we pride ourselves in finding the right people at the top of their industry who are not only armed with the requisite substantive knowledge, but are adept at translating the most complex science into a persuasive presentation.

Besides highly skilled and competent litigation defense, HLGR lawyers also serve our clients with pre-litigation and litigation-prevention legal services, such as consulting on the content of warranties and consent forms or analyzing insurance coverage.

Finally, as in all the cases we handle, large or small, we listen to our clients and understand their unique challenges so that we can develop the best defense possible. From advising on strategies to avoid litigation to warding off claims for punitive damages to navigating class action lawsuits, HLGR litigators are your go-to defense team for products liability claims.