Oregon Public Records Law
Balancing the public's right to know and the public interests served by exceptions

The right to examine the performance of public servants and public institutions is highly valued by Oregon law, and rightly so. And yet, the law also recognizes that circumstances exist where the public interest is best served by withholding records from public disclosure. Clients – whether private entities seeking public records, or governments seeking to give full effect to both policies – require legal advisors with the experience and skills required to navigate these cross-cutting currents.

Our attorneys include two former Deputy Attorneys General (Bill Gary and Jim Mountain) whose responsibilities at the Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) included helping fulfill the DOJ’s important Public Records Law functions. This is in addition to the many attorneys whose practice includes advising local governments about public records issues. We are well equipped both in advising individuals and businesses on how to use the Public Records Law to secure public documents and in advising governments on how to conform their conduct to the requirements of that law.