Mediation and Arbitration
Cost-effective solutions to legal disputes

Resolving disputes through litigation can be a long, stressful and expensive process. That’s why you want lawyers with savvy, experience and know-how on your side if you go to trial. And that’s also why you want lawyers who understand cost-effective alternatives to litigation and who know when alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods such as arbitration and mediation are in your best interests. Attorney Shari Lane recently completed Mediation Training through Clackamas County Resolution Services. Shari is a panel arbitrator for the Arbitration Service of Portland and the District of Oregon’s Voluntary Mediation program. Shari also served as arbitrator on the Multnomah County Mandatory Arbitration Panel for several years, and assisted with BOLI’s post-investigation mediation (“conciliation”) while serving as Operations Manager.

We represent and advocate for individuals and businesses of all sizes before arbitrators and mediators. At the same time, we are frequently selected to serve as arbitrators and mediators in a wide range of disputes and claims, giving us valuable insight into when and how best to use the ADR process. We have used ADR to present our clients’ cases and claims in all types of legal disputes, including:

You can be confident that when you come to us, consideration of ADR will be part of how we solve your legal dispute.