Intellectual Property
Keeping your bright ideas safe

The protection of products or inventions is one of the most important measures that a business can take. Our intellectual property practice group has deep experience helping inventors, authors, business owners, government entities, engineers, architects, scientists and artists ensure that their intellectual property is secure.

Over the years, we’ve counseled clients in a wide variety of fields, including environmental sciences, architecture and engineering, food processing, biotechnology, nutritional products, engineering, internet (ISP’s), retail services and branding, defense, agriculture and plant nurseries, graphic arts, healthcare, and software development. Whether you have a new brainstorm or need to guard an existing creation, we can help protect you with services in:

  • Copyright protection and domestic and foreign trademark registration
  • Litigation of intellectual property rights, including patent, trade secret, copyright, and trademark infringement prosecution and defense
  • Intellectual property transactions, including procurement and licensing, financing, development, and management
  • Strategies to protect ownership and interest in intellectual property
  • Employer/employee intellectual property disputes
  • Joint venture development of inventions, trade secrets, software code, plant variety protections, and biotechnology trade secrets