Ethics in Government
A clear view in the public eye

Today, governmental entities, public employees, elected officials, lobbyists and private citizens all operate under a complex web of statutes and rules for ethical practices. We have decades of experience in public policy matters, and our team includes a former Oregon Attorney General, three former Oregon Deputy Attorneys General, other former high-level lawyers of the Oregon Department of Justice, and attorneys who regularly advise government and public officials. So, we have a seasoned understanding of the legal, political and administrative implications of working with the government. That’s how we help clients understand and comply with ethics rules and obtain the best possible results when they come under the scrutiny of regulators. With our expertise, we can guide you with services such as:

  • Training programs for governmental and private clients on prohibited activities and reporting requirements
  • Disclosure of economic interests, gifts to public officials and lobbying activities
  • Conflict of interest matters
  • Special issues facing government contractors
  • Representation of governmental and private clients in investigations and enforcement proceedings by ethics regulators
  • Design and implementation of programs and procedures to restore public confidence in governmental entities and private parties accused of unethical behavior