Civil Rights and Other Tort Claim Defense and Litigation
Your defense against torts

As one of the Northwest’s top litigation firms, we also defend both our public and private clients against a variety of personal injury and tort liability claims and lawsuits in state and federal courts as well as before administrative agencies. Tort cases can range from small to “bet the company” litigation, but they are all serious when they command your time and attention and when your reputation and your assets are at stake. As in all the matters we handle, our litigators are creative yet practical problem solvers who work with you to thoroughly understand your needs and goals and to help craft a complete and affordable legal strategy to attain your best resolution. Our lawyers also are familiar with alternative dispute resolution methods, such as arbitration and mediation, and can recommend them when that is in your best interest.

As part of our long history of providing comprehensive legal services to government at all levels, HLGR is recognized throughout Oregon for defending government bodies, public corporations, and government employees against tort claims and lawsuits ranging from simple negligence and premises liability cases to labor and employment matters to environmental claims under the Clean Water Act and similar statutes to alleged police misconduct, civil rights violations, and other constitutional and statutory liability actions.

Our private clients – health care providers, insurers, professionals, manufacturers, employers, corporations and business owners from closely held to global, and individuals – also enjoy the highest quality counsel and defense against liability and casualty loss claims, including negligence lawsuits, workers compensation claims, suits alleging defective workplace conditions, products liability claims, mass and toxic torts and other environmental claims, defamation suits, professional malpractice, wrongful termination, statutory damages claims for unfair labor practices, and other tort actions.