Introductory E-Newsletter

Harrang Long Gary Rudnick has a new resource for closely held
business owners on its website: E-Newsletters. An E-Newsletter is a
bulletin or notice that will alert you to new laws, new trends in the law,
and will provide explanations of best practices related to the ownership
and operation of a closely held business. While you may access E-Newsletters
on our website at, we will also transmit them to you by an email
on a routine basis. Our goal is to assist you in planning for the future growth
and success of your business by focusing on legal issues that impact closely held
business. We trust that you will enjoy and profi t from this new service.

The Closely Held Business Team works with business owners from a
wide array of industries to address their legal needs in a responsive
manner. Harrang Long Gary Rudnick proactively strives to assist each
client in navigating through the opportunities and challenges the law
presents in order to advance each client’s success in business. We
primarily assist clients in Oregon, Washington, and California. Our
ability to assist clients with issues beyond the West Coast is made
possible through HLGR’s affi liate law fi rms in State Capital Group,
offering high quality legal services worldwide through a group of
full-service law firms.

If you prefer not to receive E-Newsletters, simply let us know, and we
will remove your email address from our E-newsletter address book.
If you have questions or would like further information regarding this
E-Newsletter, please contact Randall L. Duncan, Chair of our Closely
Held Business Team, and we would be pleased to accommodate your

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