Health Care Reform for Employers: Now What?

Presenters: Aaron T. Bals and others (in Portland)

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010, which was signed by the President and upheld by the Supreme Court, is now impacting employers and employees alike. These dramatic changes in health care law calls for action by all employers. This seminar is an opportunity for employers to sort through all the information to get the facts on what is required, how to make the most cost-advantageous decisions, and what you need to do to avoid costly penalties.

This seminar is designed for human resource managers, benefits administrators, business owners, office managers, CFOs, controllers, accountants, payroll managers, insurance professionals, tax managers and attorneys and is available for continuing education credit. A local panel of seasoned professionals will answer your questions from determining full-time employee status, to options with health insurance exchanges, and health plan design possibilities. Register now  for this Portland event to identify the steps you need to take to achieve a sound health care plan in preparation for 2014.




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