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Harrang Long Gary Rudnick Supports Program for Enhancing Student Education

Harrang Long recently received this thank you letter from the principal of an area elementary school for funding that the school received as a result of HLGR’s support of the Newspaper in Education program:

“I would like to thank Harrang Long Gary Rudnick PC on behalf of McCornack Elementary for your generous donation to the students and staff of our school. Providing the funding for the Newspaper In Education program does indeed positively impact the great work that we do at McCornack Elementary. The support you are giving of curriculum materials through The Register-Guard is of great value. From geography, to science, to economics, to language arts and math, each subject area is enhanced by your gift.”

“Your actions tell us much about your professional dedication to our community. We are heartened by your kindness and willingness to step into service to help our students and staff”

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