Go, Riherd, Amberg, and Steringer Present at the Oregon Academy of Audiology Fall Meeting

On September 29, 2008, HLGR presented the continuing education program for the Oregon Academy of Audiology’s Fall 2008 Meeting. Working with OAA’s leadership, HLGR developed a program that touched on legal issues of critical importance to audiologists and other professionals. Hwa Go, along with Assistant Attorney General Jeff Dover, spoke on professional licensing requirements and the disciplinary process. John Riherd discussed the complicated issues surrounding contracts with health care payors such as insurance companies. Mark Amberg presented on the employment law issues that affect every professional, either as employer or employee. Bob Steringer discussed liability issues for audiologists, focusing on professional negligence and specific statutes and administrative rules affecting the practice of audiology. HLGR’s presenters enjoyed sharing information on legal issues affecting the meeting’s participants and appreciated their positive feedback.

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