Eugene Follows Portland’s Lead: Employers Required to Provide Paid Sick Leave

by Kate Grado

The Eugene City Council passed a sick leave ordinance this week that affects most employers engaged in business in the City of Eugene. The Eugene ordinance, which is scheduled to take effect July 1, 2015, requires that employers provide employees with one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours the employee works within the City of Eugene — up to 40 sick leave hours per year. The ordinance is similar to Portland’s Protected Sick Time Ordinance which took effect this year. However, under the Eugene ordinance, all employers subject to the ordinance are required to provide paid sick leave, regardless of the size of their workforce. The City Council has instructed the City Manager to adopt rules by January 2015 to provide further details about the ordinance’s requirements, which are expected to include additional recordkeeping requirements for employers.

HLGR will monitor this new law and the development of the administrative rules. Employers who have questions or concerns, or who need assistance in reviewing their current sick leave policies, are encouraged to contact one of our Labor & Employment attorneys at 503.242.0000.

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