Closely-Held Business Potential Scam Alert: Annual Notification by Corporate Records Service – “Notice of 2013 Annual Minutes Form” Scam


Annual Notification by Corporate Records Service – “Notice of 2013 Annual Minutes Form” Scam

The Oregon Secretary of State recently published a notice that it has received numerous complaints of a potential scam aimed at Oregon business owners by a company operating under the name of Corporate Records Service. Business owners report receiving correspondence from Corporate Records Service, in which the “service” insinuates that an “Annual Minutes Compliance” is due or delinquent for a particular business and offers to complete the filing for a fee of $125. While it is certainly required by law and important that a business observe appropriate corporate formalities, including the preparation of minutes of annual meetings of shareholders or consent resolutions documenting corporate actions, Annual Meeting Minutes are not required to be filed with the Secretary of State Corporation Division and no fee is required by the State of Oregon.

If you have paid Corporate Records Service to file your Annual Meeting Minutes, you should contact the Oregon Department of Justice Financial Fraud and Consumer Protection Division at 503-378-4400 or the Oregon Secretary of State Corporation Division at 503-986-2200.

Keep in mind that you can easily verify the required annual renewal date for your business registration through the Oregon Secretary of State’s website or, or course, our office. As always, if you have any questions about your business filings, feel free to contact Randy Duncan, Chair of our Closely-Held Business Team at 503-417-6010.

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