Administrative Team, Paralegals & Legal Assistants

For general legal services or administrative inquiries, you can call any main number, our toll-free number, or


  • Firm Administrator: Jeff Heriot
  • Accounting/Payroll & Administrative Clerk: Terri Vestal
  • Eugene Office Services Coordinator & Project Assistant: Carmen Kelley
  • Marketing Coordinator: Ginger Fullerton
  • Portland Office Services Coordinator & Project Assistant: Melissa Scriven


  • Assistant to Attorneys: Jennie Bricker, Lisa Hardie, Shari Lane, Susan Marmaduke
  • Litigation Paralegal; Assistant to Attorneys:  Julian Marrs, Arden Olson
  • Assistant to Attorneys: Bill Gary, Randy Geller, Aaron Landau, Jeff Matthews, Sharon Rudnick
  • Assistant to Attorneys: Aaron Crockett, Jim Mountain, Greg Peden, Bob Steringer, Erica Tatoian