Administrative Staff and Legal Assistants

For general legal services or administrative inquiries, you can call any main number, our toll-free number, or .


  • Director of Administration & Accounting Manager: Jeff Heriot
  • Assistant Director of Administration & Office Manager (Portland & Salem): Joanne Austin
  • Business Development & Marketing Manager: Tina Carey
  • Information Technology Manager: Chris Hatch
  • Office Manager (Eugene) & Benefits Manager: Julie Taylor





  • Assistant to Attorneys: Marjorie Elken, Shari Lane, Jason Yarashes
  • Assistant to Attorney: Rick Larson
  • Assistant to Attorneys: William Gary, Dave Frohnmayer, and Director of Administration: Jeff Heriot
  • Assistant to Attorney: Arden Olson, Jeff Matthews
  • Assistant to Attorneys: Craig Capon, Jonathan Hood, John Roberts
  • Assistant to Attorneys: Pete Shepherd, Josh Stump, Amber Zupancic-Albin 
  • Assistant to Attorneys: Randy Duncan, John Witherspoon
  • Assistant to Attorneys: Aaron Landau, Sharon Rudnick
  • Assistant to Attorneys: Andrea Coit, Jens Schmidt
  • Assistant to Attorney: Elijah Van Camp
  • Assistant to Attorney: Kate Grado, Jim Mountain
  • Assistant to Attorneys: Vaden Francisco, Jr., Dan Harris, Lee Lashway
  • Assistant to Attorneys: JoLynn McCulloch, Frank Moscato
  • Assistant to Attorneys: Brett Applegate, Susan Marmaduke, John Rake, Bob Steringer